Bediya is a part of Silver Consumer Electricals, established in 1981. Manufacture high-performance Fans, Heaters, Geysers, LEDs, Induction Cooktops and Mixers. The company launched too many consumer-friendly products and their variants in a very short time. Bediya Home Appliances has another level of work to enter the market and reach the customers. The journey with Bediya started when they came to 360 Branding Studio and put a task to establish Bediya as a brand. 

Presenting what 360 Branding Studio did for Bediya.


Bag Design

Brand Guidelines

Hoarding Design

Logo & Stationery Design

Packaging Design

Poster Design

TV Commercial


Keyword : Bediya Appliances Catalogue design by 360 Branding studio Rajkot Gujrat

If you know about mixing colours, if you can create well-imagined graphics and if you can apply interesting typography, it all means you are just a few steps away from making a spectacular product catalogue. Because a perfect product catalogue is not just a bunch of product photos and uninteresting technical information about products. It all included the things discussed above. The perfect example is the Bediya product catalogue.

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