Lyne is a first among the equal and the most advanced company thoroughly dedicated to the upscale user experience of using mobile with the help of a futuristic range of accessories. There is a passion for creating trust and commitment to quality are at the root of Lyne as a trusted brand name in the industry. 

When Lyne needs to expand this view to a higher scale and reach up to the vast range of the common man. They come with this challenge to 360 Branding Studio and we eagerly accept the challenge to par the excellence once again.

Project : Poster Design

When any company wants to prompt any event, product or cause it needs dynamic and impactful forms of creative posters. A well-crafted poster plays a role in capturing the attention of the target audience. In this task, we use a superb pattern of attractive colours, imaginary designs and typography for the final touch. This helps us to raise emotions in our consumers and attention also. Thus we can say this is a successful poster design.

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