Farmwise carves a niche in the field of making motors for farming and sets itself first among the equals. To make their product better and futuristic and environment friendly company set their goal to use advanced technology and designs that are good for nature.  They wanted to care for Mother Earth along with the shadow of futuristic technology.

Here enters 360 Branding Studio with the role of framing a logo that has a pure image of agriculture.

The given list of work is created by the 360 Branding Studio.


Branding Design

Logo Design

Stationary Design

Project : Logo & Stationary Design

City : Rajkot

Keyword : Logo Design, Branding Design, Stationary Design

Keyword : Logo Design, Branding Design, Stationary Design, Rajkot, Gujrat, India

We put our efforts into creating stationery designs with professionalism and brand recognition that help the company build trust and credibility among consumers. It is a core part of branding that reaches up to the physical touch. Designing a logo is a process when a company needs to be represented by a small group of alphabets or graphics. The entire company's identity, professionalism and trust all complied in some centimetres or graphics.

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