SpunWeb is a nonwoven fabric-making company with trustworthy qualities. The company has a speciality in nonwoven fabric which is made from Polypropylene. Maintaining quality is the prime goal of the company. At the same time, the company is keen to follow the norms of ISO certification.

SpunWeb has orders from both, domestic as well as international markets. Now from each step, they are expanding their presence in the global market. The reason behind their confidence is their quality maintenance among nonwoven fabric and other products.

 Here is the List of tasks completed by the 360 Branding Studio.


App Design

Banner Design

Brand Guideline

Corporate Video

Exhibition Booth Design

Invitation Card Design

Product Catalogue

Signage Design

Social Media Design

Stationery Design

Website Design

Project : App Development and design

Keyword : Spunweb App design and Development

In the present digital era, the mobile application is the easiest medium to reach the target audience. The app is a medium to reach customers and feedback from customers.  Therefore we made a smooth and user-friendly application that also helped them to decide marketing plans and production. With the real-time data of the feedback and other statistics, the company regularly can change their plans. The app is very useful for the company and provides raw data for them when they plan to put a new product on the market.

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