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GeoGres is a Ceramic Company that has an immense variety of tiles and ceramics. The ceramics with superb quality, well-crafted and maintenance-free features are the proud possessions of GeoGres. The use of GeoGres ceramics gives any space a stylish look and a heavenly feeling. Let's enter into the world of GeoGres where you find the perfect combination of hard work, imagination and creativity in each tile. The ceramic products of GeoGres can be used in residential and commercial places without any competition.

Project : Website Design

Another major task was to prepare a website for GeoGres Company. The website is made with an easy-to-operate policy. One can easily find product information, images, demos and other processes through the website. All these things without compromising on quality and an attractive interface were the main challenges for us, and 360 Branding Studio fulfilled the challenge as usual

Project : Product Catalogue

When GeoGres has decided to make a complete product catalogue, their quest ends at 360 Branding Studio. We completely try to put all the necessary details with proper graphics and content. With this, we can attract customers' attention and customers can find options to decorate their place. GeoGres has vast product options, so we had to divide these products under proper decisions. We divided these products into a proper honest group so that customers could identify and select them properly. With the exact concept, we separate them and make a wonderful product catalogue for viewers.

Project : Product Video

While making product videos for GeoGres, we kept the features of the products in mind. We demonstrated high-end testing on the real products and at the same time, we added style and glamour to it. Our videos show the ground-level reality of products, at the same time they also point to the luxurious side of the products.

Project : Social Media Design

In the present digital time, any company's social media accounts are an easy way to reach the target customers. GeoGres Company wanted to spread information about the product through various social media platforms and at 360 Branding Studio we hit the bull's eye with our attractive short videos and engaging content of the social media videos.

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