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To give high satisfaction to the customer, Boffo Company has created a wide range of ceramic and tiles products. The company products have acclaimed high appreciation among the customers. The designs and the vast varieties of ceramic products from Boffo are now the talk of the town. When Boffo needed to spread its dedication and establish its trust among customers, they came to 360 Branding Studio with high expectations and we passed that litmus test.

Project : Brand Guideline

The basic elements we took while making the Boffo brand were from the spiritual world. The elements like the earth, the fire, the air and the water combined made Boffo surfaces. We tried to symbolize these all elements in the product with the unique design and logo making. These things are now the true representatives of Boffo's identity.

Project : Website Design

Website making is the new age requirement for any grown-up company. For Boffo we designed a fully professional website. We made it in such a way that a visitor of the website feels easiness and gets full information at the same time. Above all, it has the basic system to see products in various imaginary spaces. 

Project : Product Catalogue

When Boffo Company demanded a perfect Catalogue of the company's products, we at 360 Branding Studio rolled our sleeves and created a catalogue with attractive designs and unique concepts. The catalogue has a perfect demonstration of all the products and their variants.

Project : Technical Videos

 In technical videos, Boffo Company wanted to show its expertise while making ceramic products. In these videos, the expertise of the company and the process of making ceramic wonder is visible to all.

Project : Social Media Design

While making the social media posts for Boffo we demonstrated the products in royal places. With the impressive visuals and meaningful content, we tried to make it more attractive and attention-seeking.

Project : Panel Design

In various exhibitions, people used to be attracted by bright colours and unique panels. In the case of Boffo, we also crafted much more impressive and eye-catching panels at 360 Branding Studio.

Project : Stationery Design

The stationery like a letter pad, diaries or envelopes etc. with the logo and typography of Boffo put an impression of the company as a trusted brand and professional approach. All these things are created with an expert touch from 360 Branding Studio.

Project : Box Design

When a product has nice attractive packaging, it also increases its value in the market. The perfect packaging of a box with a logo and brand is the most reputed thing for any product. We at 360 Branding Studio with the colours, graphics and concept, created the effective box packaging for Boffo.

Project : Hoarding Design

Hoardings of Boffo are the proper example of visuals and graphics that attract the attention of visitors. The fonts, typography and content have an eye catchy effect on viewers. All these we successfully created at 360 Branding Studio.

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