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From the very basic Rock Granito kept focusing on the basic requirements of the clients. They are committed to the making of a whole new range of ceramic products in the market. As rock is in their name the company constantly tries to keep nature at the centre of their quality and design every time.

Project : Logo Desing

The logo of the company was crafted in 360 Branding Studio. It has the firmness of rock at the same time it has the style. With the help of proper font and colour combination, we made it suitable for the company's representative. We used manual fonts and a box kind of theme to match the client's choice. 

Project : Product Catalogue


The product catalogue of any company should be in a form that it proves to be a helping tool for the traders and sellers. So besides the images of the products, it should have technical details and other aspects in it. Collaborating with 360 Branding Studio on the theme and concept proved to be a stroke of magic, elevating the catalogue to new heights of attractiveness and engagement.

Project : Hoarding Design

With full creative freedom granted by the company, we embarked on bold designs for the hoardings. We selected a particular colour of the real product and matched it with the other details like the model and technical facts. It would be but natural for the viewers to be attracted towards it.

Project : Panel Design

A company's reputation at the exhibition is based on the panels they used. For Rock Granito, we at 360 Branding Studio, created well-detailed panels with attractive graphics product images and colour combinations.

Project : Stationery Design

When stationery is distributed as the part of marketing or advertising of the company, it should hold certain qualities in it. The stationery should represent the product quality, the vision of the company, and the trust element of the company. After all stationery is a thing that is remembered as a symbol of the company. 

Project : Box Design

An ideal box packaging should have product information, a company logo and some technical facts about the product inside. At the same time, toughness is also a prime feature of any packaging. We at 360 Branding Studio keep all these things in mind while designing the box.

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