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Mega Vitrified is a well-known ceramic manufacturing company. When they decided to improve their branding to meet the customer's expectations, they came to 360 Branding Studio. Their productions like ceramic tiles of various measurements are the main attraction of the show. Mega Vitrified wanted to reach large numbers of clients and customers so they came to 360 Branding Studio, to beautify themselves as a brand.  

Project : Logo Desing

Logo design is a very prime event for any company. Especially when a company wants to establish its value and trust in the market they make a logo of the company. For Mega Vitrified we use elements like earth and typography that match with the name of the company and create the best logo for them.

Project : Product Catalogue

At 360 Branding Studio, product catalogue-making has a special process. We do not just put a bunch of photos of products or models, for us it is important to put a certain image, or information graphic in a certain way that it should say a story in an impressive way to the viewers. The product catalogue of Mega Vitrified is one such example of it.

Project : Stationery Design

In the stationery design of Mega Vitrified, we revealed the company’s determination to professionalism and aesthetic excellence. We nicely arranged the company’s logo, colour patterns, and branding for an impressive look. The use of clear and readable fonts, content with the effect of the right emotions and many more things made our design visually appealing.

Project : Social Media Design

For Mega Vitrified we prepared a series of impressive short videos for their Social Media platforms. We kept in mind the brand and product quality at the time of making social media content for them. We prepared social media posts, product reels and short product videos with festival greetings. The viewers can also know about the products as well.

Project : Magazine Design

Magazines of different products are useful for traders as well as consumers to know about the products with images, measurements, features, prices etc. The creative team at 360 Branding Studio arranged all the necessary details and put them under the proper theme and concept related to product requirements. This magazine became the most attractive for the viewers and gained the most appraisal.

Project : Box Design

The packaging of any product is important from the point of view of its popularity and the brand name of the company. Attractive and effective packaging has been proven as the most important aspect of any product of the company. We tried to make the packaging attractive as well as memorable for the buyers with designs, graphics, and colours.

Project : Standee Design

When we designed standee for the marketing purpose of Mega Vitrified we kept in mind that we should make things at the eye level of viewers. So it was a completely new thinking and the angle was to attract visitors for a longer time.

Project : Hoarding Design

When Mega Vitrified approached us to make hoarding designs, we made up our minds and rolled up our sleeves to make it better. We prepare the best design elements in the form of branding, signage, graphics, and artwork in every hoarding. The only target is to upscale the communication with the branding message.

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