The Role of Music in Video Advertising


Siyaram Granito is uniquely famous for giving new designs and new products to their customers. Their different products like wall tiles and vitrified tiles have numerous varieties and designs for the customers. Such a unique company needs an obvious unique marketing strategy and ideas for branding. Their requirement is satisfied at 360 Branding Studio. 

Project : Logo Desing

360 Branding Studio understood the importance of the logo for Siyaram. 360 Branding Studio believes that a logo is an identity of any brand. When we design the logo of Siyaram, we think with artistic visuals and other careful attempts to give the value of the brand. With specific colour, line and shape a logo serves the purpose of reminding about the company in a glimpse. Therefore we try to create a logo that serves as the identity of Siyaram.

Project : Product Catalogue

The product catalogue of Siyaram Granito is a perfect medium to learn about the wide range of products, the demonstration of products in your space and other details like features of products and so on. At 360 Branding Studio, we put all these informative and numeric details most attractively.?

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