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Lioli is an Indian ceramic company situated in Morbi –Gujarat. Quality assurance and customer satisfaction are the pride assets of Lioli. It is their vision to set the next level in standards for their products with every type of customer’s expectation. They wanted to reach a new level of consumer with their latest designs and craft.     Their quest ended when they reached 360 Branding Studio. Here we assure our client to crack their level of expectation with our expertisation and professionalism.


The given list of work is created by the 360 Branding Studio.


App Design

Billboard Design

Catalog Design

Website Design

Project : Product Catalogue

360 Branding Studio arranged the products in white space, and consistent colour schemes, to make them visually appealing and easy to navigate. We easily overcome the challenge of maintaining such a strong brand consistency throughout the catalogue so that customers easily find what they're looking for. This type of zeal made our catalogue both full of information and readable.

Project : Social Media Design

We largely emphasized profile and cover images, posts, stories, and advertisements while handling social media marketing for LIOLI. We also kept in mind that product posts on social media would be visually treated for viewers.

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