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Square Chimney is a leading manufacturer of modular kitchen accessories based in Morbi, Gujarat. They specialize in producing high-quality kitchen chimney solutions, offering innovative designs and reliable performance. With a focus on modern kitchen aesthetics, Square Chimney provides a wide range of products to enhance the functionality and style of your kitchen space.

Square Chimney is in search of a top-notch Branding and design Agency to handle their logo and promotional material requirements, and they have selected our team to meet their needs.

Here is work Done by 360 Branding Studio 


Logo & Stationery Design

Product Catalogue

Project : Logo & Stationery Design

City : morbi

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We painstakingly developed a brand guideline for Square Chimney that harmonizes every aspect with their fundamental values and market positioning. This thorough guideline covers logo usage, color palette, typography, image style, and brand voice, guaranteeing a uniform and compelling brand identity across all interactions


City : morbi

City : morbi

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Wvisuals to product descriptions, ensuring a unified and engaging representation across all touchpointse meticulously designed our product catalog to align seamlessly with our brand's core values and market positioning. This comprehensive catalog showcases our range of offerings with attention to detail, from captivating

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