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Ancient is a hardware company. The main focus of Ancient Hardware is on door handles with rich quality. Ancient Hardware has a vast series of door handles to add a premium feel to the most boring things like door handles. At 360 Branding Studio, we added our charm and hard work to improve the company's brand presence. 

Project : Product Catalogue

In the product catalogue of Ancient we at 360 Branding Studio tucked all the products with beauty and impressiveness. The handles got extra attention from viewers due to the stunning background and memorable theme.

Project : Stationery Design

In the stationery design of Ancient Hardware, 360 Branding Studio revealed the company’s determination to professionalism and aesthetic excellence. The use of clear and readable fonts, content with the effect of the right emotions and many more things made our design visually appealing.

Project : Box Design

When 360 Branding Studio designed a product box for Ancient Hardware, we made it very attractive and matched the design of the door handle.  

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