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Customers often search for premium ceramic tiles, and their search ends at Letoza. Making ceramic tiles with various options for customers is the main focus of Letoza. The company Letoza comes to 360 Branding Studio to improve its brand image and to give a professional touch to the advertising and marketing of the company.

Project : Logo Desing

The logo design of Letoza is based on the name of the company with a unique graphical design and colour combination. At 360 Branding Studio, we did perfect research work and made a logo according to the requirements of Letoza

Project : Product Catalogue

The product catalogue of Letoza is a fine example of the expertise of 360 Branding Studio in designing product catalogues. It has product images in a new conceptual way, full information about products and well-designed pages with colour combinations and typography.

Project : Invitation Card Design

When Letoza participated in an exhibition in Mumbai, they put a task in front of us to make an attractive yet professional invitation card for their clients and customers. 360 Branding Studio nicely prepared the card as per the requirement of Letoza.

Project : Hoarding Design

Hoarding of any company is known as a mute advertiser. But a well-designed and superb concept hoarding can be a strong medium of marketing and 360 Branding Studio did the same for Letoza 

Project : Poster Design

The posters of Letoza are not only proof of the expertise of 360 Branding Studio but also became the reason to attract many more clients for Letoza. This was possible because of a strong experienced team and visionary leader of 360 Branding Studio.

Project : Stationery Design

The stationery like envelopes, visiting cards, pens, and letterheads are the witness that the branding of the company is very strong. While making the stationery design of Letoza, 360 branding Studio made the same efforts that improve the brand value of Letoza in the market.

Project : Box Design

When 360 Branding Studio made a design of a packaging box for Letoza, we kept the information about the product on the box. At the same time, the box had an impressive look also.

Project : Bag Design

360 Branding Studio designed a paper bag for Letoza which is a new marketing need. The design and the matter on the bag were prepared with keen interest from the experts.

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